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Office & Shop Fit Outs

Electrical Rewiring Services

Safe Switchboard Upgrades


General Electrical

At OneStop electrical we cover a wide range of electrical services across domestic, commercial and industrial. Whether it be adding an additional power point or a whole new installation, Big or small we’re here to help.

  • power
  • lighting
  • security lighting
  • phone points
  • data
  • tv points/ antennas
  • CCTV

Office and Shop Fit Outs

Wether it’s a new shop or office fit out, renovation or just a small alteration. At One stop electrical We understand how important your business is, and how crucial it is to have your electrical system operating correctly. We cover all aspects of commercial office and shop fit outs

  • power
  • lighting
  • display lighting
  • security lighting
  • data/ Comms
  • CCTV
  • switchboards / metering

Switchboard Upgrades

Electrical safety is our highest priority, Having a out of date, non compliant switchboard can mean being at high risk of fire or electrocution. If your unsure about your switchboard give us a call

  • Domestic, commercial and industrial
  • Single and multi-phase
  • Earth systems
  • Metering
  • Mains upgrades
  • Inspections


Quite often, particularly in older houses, the electrical wiring is overlooked. Mainly because it’s hidden by plaster and all the lights and appliances are working. The problem is the insulation deteriorates and in some cases falls off the wires, which can be a high risk of shorting out and causing a fire. Also a lot of the old house have no earth system, which is dangerous because if a wire comes loose on a appliance or light fitting it won’t trip the over current protective device. If your unsure about the wiring in your house or office, please contact us, we’re hear to help.

  • Domestic, commercial and industrial
  • Mains
  • Light and power
  • Phone/ data and tv
  • Earth systems
  • Switchboards
  • Partial and complete rewires


Electrical meters are used by the power company’s to see how many kWh have been used by the occupant then they’ll send a bill based on the usage. That part is simple. The arrangement of the meter (depending of the scenario) can be quite complex. Onestop electrical will tend to all meter arrangements.

  • New homes
  • Sub-divisions
  • Apartments
  • Multi phase
  • Check meters
  • CT metering

Safety Inspection

We’ve put together a 20 point safety checklist that will ensure your family’s safety. Starting from your switchboard , we’ll inspect all circuit breakers and safety switches are compliant and operating correctly, through to your lights and downlights , we’ll check and make sure they’re installed correctly and aren’t covered by insulation ,we’ll check your powerpoints ensure there’s a good earth and polarity check , we’ll make sure your smoke detectors are operating correctly. We’ll go right through your home and at the end give you a informative report of where your house is at.

Test and Tagging

Having your appliance tested and tagged is crucial for the safety of your staff and self, although an appliance may look fine it could be at risk of electrocution. That is why worksafe brought in mandatory testing and tagging. Depending on the environment the appliances are used in, which would be accessed on site. A report will be given on each tool/ appliance and a due date for re-testing.

  • Office
  • Constructed sites
  • Work shop
  • Restaurants
  • Tools
  • Appliances
  • Machinery
  • On site


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